A Blessing In Disguise

I am a thinker...and YES I have said let's forget this year and move on, nothing good can come out of it.

As I say this...do I really mean it?  That's not who I am.

The year 2020 has been the worst we've even known.

Then I thought... has there really been good, and the answer is YES!

What this year has taught and given me:

1. Is that life is precious and to enjoy every minute of every day!

2. It is seeing and spending time with my family everyday for the last 6 months. In the past that would never happen with our busy schedules.

3. Going the extra mile for someone who is less fortunate.

4. Stay away from the negativity and surrounding myself with positivity.

As of today we have three months left of 2020...that is a lot of time to change the outlook on this year. 

In one hundred years from now people will read about Covid-19 like we read today about the Spanish Flu. 

Yes a pandemic shut down the world, but what I would like to show our future generation is how everyone came together, overcame all the obstacles, and made the world a better place instead of just giving up. 

Whether it's in sports or life it's how you ACT in a situation that counts.

Believing in yourself that you can do it can be just as contagious.  If more people think this way anything is possible!

What will you do in the next three months to make yourself and the world a better place?




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