What We Believe

We understand the process and development to become the best you can be on and off the field. To develop in the game you need to prepare, have the right mindset to play/execute, measure to see progress, and then determine what needs work by using the advanced tools offered by Southpaw Baseball Company.

There is one problem a player might have, he/she expect positive results but aren’t TRAINING, EXECUTING, or MEASURING the right way nearly as much as they wish they could. 

How much money have you spent on instructors then not to have the practice reps in between sessions?

If we could just find the time to train and develop, we would not be able to answer the questions of Should've, Could've, and Would've.

We are dedicated to open, long-term relationships with our suppliers, building brands, and bringing new and innovative products to the baseball community at competitive prices.

We have the experience, the resources, and the people to grow and prosper with our brands and our suppliers. Our management has the knowledge and experience to negotiate and deliver a value to the customers.

We are working with some of the finest suppliers and brand owners. Our overall goal is to deliver value, honesty and a transparency to the people we do business with and to the consumers who use our exceptional products.


What We Do

Southpaw Baseball Company is here to help you create your dream baseball simulator so you can train whenever you want, and for you to believe, without any hesitiation, you are putting in more quality work versus your competition.

No matter your budget, we are here to help you find the perfect solution for your needs. We strive to offer the top baseball simulation technology and accessories on the market and provide the #1 unbiased resource to create your dream baseball simulator.

Working with Southpaw Baseball Company is easy:

  1. Determine Your Budget, Room Size, & Goals
  2. Browse our Website or Contact our Expert Support -  phone and email.
  3. Place Your Order & We Ship You Everything You Need
  4. We Provide Lifetime Support
  5. When it comes to customer service we believe in the Sun Down Policy...when you contact us we will get back to you that day with the answer to your question or to let you know we got you message and will work on the answer.

We want to be apart of your process, development, and we want to hear you success stories of becoming the ball player you strive to be in between the lines.

Why We Do It

We love and respect the game of Baseball. It's all about PREPARATION which will in turn give the player CONFIDENCE they need to execute on the field, and achieve their goals.

  • Create the sports life in the comfort of your home, baseball academy, or school
  • Raise you batting average more than ever before
  • Lower your Earned Run Average
  • Work on new pitches...LIVE!!
  • Compete with your friends and family
  • Stay active all year in between training session

 With the technology that is available on the market today and our help, you really can:

  • Train and Compete everyday at anytime.
  • Get accurate data on your mechanics.
  • Give yourself the physical and mental preparation to do your job!!