A Letter To My Young Self & To You

To start the game of baseball is and always will be a big part of my life.

Everything in my life is due to the fact I played baseball.  I received multiple scholarship offers to high school and colleges across the country, and even played some ball after college.

I also believe that if I didn’t play baseball at a certain time or place I wouldn’t have met my wife, or even have my beautiful family, my close friends, my current career, and some of the more important life lessons learned that I will write about. 

Did I achieve my ultimate goal of getting the call up, NO!!  But that is ok, and here’s why:

I didn’t see it back in the day but some of the best teams I played on between 8u-12u  were on losing teams.

Trust me at the time they weren’t fun summers and we just wanted the season to end.

Our so called friends we played against would make fun of us saying we stink, give up baseball, and that we were the laughing stock of the league. It was probably true at the time!!

Let’s fast forward five years. There were twelve players on this losing team, and just over 90% received D1 scholarships and had successful baseball careers. How could that be?  Didn’t we stink? Weren’t we the laughing stock of baseball?

Let’s fast forward to today. Some players from this losing team now own their own companies, are CEO/VP of companies, and just overall successful.

I’m very proud of the fact that I went through the tough times with these teammates. 

I would like to add there were two girls on this team and they are more successful than any of the boys!!

As a successful parent who have kids in youth sports…I look back and see what has molded me to be the person I am today.

See I understand now it wasn’t the success I had, not even close.

It was the many failures that made me who I am today.

Some people roll their eyes when I say BASEBALL IS LIFE….but what these people don’t understand is what that term really means.

It’s not about what you did for the game, it’s about what the game did for you!

Looking back ,the game of baseball has given me everything, but most important my character…and it’s time to give back. 

See you have to respect and learn from the past to really cherish your present and future.

I truly feel all of us on the team didn’t like the feeling of failure/losing. We never want to go back there because we know that feeling, so we thrive to be the best we can be now, and pay our experiences forward.

This will be a player’s forum so feel free to add your own personal thoughts or feelings. I guarantee you others will feel the same.   If you need to talk to another player give us a call and we can talk baseball or anything else on your mind.  We are here for you!!

 By the way we don’t hear to much about those boys that were making fun of us during those losing seasons.  If you run into them tell them hello!!!

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